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Pittsburgh Playback Theatre

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NYC Queer Playback Theatre open rehearsal, used with permission
NYC Queer Playback Theatre


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Playback North America’s mission is to strengthen Playback Theatre in the U.S. and Canada (Mexico and Cuba have their own regional networks).

Through teleconferences, gatherings, performance festivals, publications, communications and coaching, by and for the membership, PNA aims to:

  1. build connection among practitioners and facilitate peer learning
  2. share our work with each other and the public
  3. help Playback leaders increase their effectiveness and the social benefit of their work.

PNA – One small part of a global network

One of the joys of being a Playback Theatre practitioner is being part of an international community,
 diverse in so many ways yet all sharing the “language” of Playback Theatre. 
There are hundreds of Playback Theatre companies in over 70 countries across the globe.