What is Playback North America?

Six Figures Playback, Eastern Michigan University, used with permission

PNA is a regional membership network, launched in 2010, that facilitates peer exchange among people who love Playback Theatre.  PNA is a program run mostly on volunteer energy, structurally under the umbrella of True Story, Inc., a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization.

Playback North America’s mission is to strengthen Playback Theatre in the U.S. and Canada through building connections among practitioners, facilitating peer learning, and helping Playback leaders increase their effectiveness and the social benefit of their work.  PNA’s focus is on strengthening Playback in the U.S. and Canada; Mexico and Cuba have their own regional networks.  PNA programs are for members of the PNA network.

Please take a moment to watch this  99-second video about Playback companies in the region.

PNA’s relationships with the International Playback Theatre Network (IPTN) and with the Centre for Playback Theatre (CPT)

Playback North America (PNA) is formally partnered with The International Playback Theatre Network  (IPTN), an international network for peer exchange and learning about Playback.   IPTN coordinates an international Playback gathering every four years and has been exploring how to support Playback regions around the world.  Their website includes a membership directory and archives of the IPTN Playback journal. IPTN plans to continue the journal once a new editor is on board.

All U.S. and Canada-based individual and company members who join PNA also get a IPTN membership (included in the membership fee).  IPTN receives 1/4 of your membership fee.

The Centre for Playback Theatre  (CPT) is a training school for the international Playback community.  CPT runs an annual Leadership Program, supports  affiliated training schools in other parts of the world, and offers certification for trainers.

For several years, PNA had monthly calls with CPT staff for mutual support, and currently we are in occasional contact with various CPT Board and Committee members.  Over many years, PNA and CPT promoted each others programs.