What is Playback North America?

PNA is a regional network, launched in 2010, that facilitates peer exchange among people who love Playback Theatre. PNA organizes gatherings and teleconferences, and offers resources for practitioners such as toolkits on how to build strong Playback companies and business coaching.

PNA’s relationships with the International Playback Theatre Network (IPTN) and with the Centre for Playback Theatre (CPT)

Playback North America (PNA) is formally partnered with the International Playback Theatre Network (IPTN) Together , we offer a joint membership to all individual and company members who join through PNA in the U.S. and Canada.  PNA is a social benefit (not-for-profit) program run mostly on volunteer energy.

Like PNA, IPTN is a network for peer exchange and learning about Playback (internationally) and helps support regional organizing like PNA.  PNA is one of a number of active Playback Theatre regions around the world that are associated with IPTN.  See map and chart of these regional networks produced in 2010.   If you have updated information please share it with us (since this info goes out of date quickly)!

The Centre for Playback Theatre is a training school for the international Playback community.  CPT supports  affiliated training schools in other parts of the world and offers certification for trainers. PNA is is frequent communication with members of the CPT Board.  Over many years, PNA and CPT have promoted each others programs.

A 99 second video with voices from the network

A map of Playback companies in North America

The map is circa 2017 and just includes U.S. and Canada.
However, there are also a growing number of  Playback companies in Mexico and Cuba.

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