What is Playback North America?

Six Figures Playback, Eastern Michigan University performers at work
Six Figures Playback, Eastern Michigan University

PNA is a  regional membership network, launched in 2010, that facilitates peer exchange among people who love Playback Theatre.  Run almost entirely by volunteers, PNA welcomes your involvement in leading programs and running the network.  

Playback North America’s mission is to strengthen Playback Theatre in the U.S. and Canada (Mexico and Cuba have their own regional networks).

Through online  workshops and performances, publications, communications and coaching, by and for the members, PNA aims to:

  1. build connection among practitioners and facilitate peer learning
  2. share our work with each other and the public
  3. help Playback leaders increase their effectiveness and the social benefit of their work.

PNA’s relationship with other Playback organizations

Playback North America (PNA) is formally partnered with The International Playback Theatre Network (IPTN), an international network that offers  programs for peer exchange and learning about Playback.   A fourth of PNA’s membership fees go to IPTN, so PNA members  are automatically enrolled as IPTN members and have access to these programs (except for International Friends of PNA, who need to join IPTN separately).

The Centre for Playback Theatre (CPT) is a training school for the international Playback community. CPT runs an annual Leadership Program, supports affiliated training schools in other parts of the world, and offers certification for trainers. 

The New York School of Playback Theatre offers in-person and online courses that are confluent with the CPT’s course curriculum.  The faculty often includes the founders of Playback Theatre.