About Embodied Empathy

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Embodied Empathy (E2) is a set of simple, creative practices, derived from Playback Theatre and several other improv forms, that people can bring into their lives to enrich their connection to others.

As of 2023, Embodied Empathy is in an early exploration phase of development.  Come add your experience to help it evolve.

Embodied Empathy is for anyone who is interested in using creative expression for better communication–within families, close relationships, friendships, work colleagues.

Improvisers, healers, therapists, theater practitioners, teachers, group facilitators and activists might especially enjoy the E2 practice and find it useful in their work.

Embodied Empathy can help you become a better listener and bring you closer to people you care about.  Most people crave being heard and understood.  For people who haven’t received enough empathy, being heard this way can be deeply healing.  Full-bodied expression of empathy is far more effective than just using words.  

Embodied Empathy is a participatory practice, not a performance. These simple practices can be done one-on-one and in small or large groups, in both formal and informal settings, with or without a facilitator.   Moments of E2 can be integrated into other activities, and people can create E2 practice groups and classes.  Embodied Empathy can be used simply for creative fun–but also to help people resolve conflicts, get to know each other better, and to bridge differences.

The main skills are listening to others (without giving advice or shifting the focus to you), and being expressive.  You do not need to be especially physically able.  Zero acting experience is necessary.  If you have artistic skills such as singing, acting, movement, or spoken word, you can weave them into your Embodied Empathy to make it more artistically engaging.

Connecting kindred spirits

PNA aims to partner with other nonprofit networks and organizations
using empathy, applied theatre, improvisation, and other arts to spread hope and healing.

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