Please join the PNA Facebook group

In addition to joining monthly teleconferences, PNA members can exchange ideas through the Playback North America Facebook group.

Please join the FB group now

As part of this FB group, we hope you will share with colleagues (and the world):

  • photos and videos,
  • new ideas from teleconferences,
  • your experience using the Playback Toolkit and other Playback books
  • favorite resources on empathy, embodiment, improvisation…
  • and the beauty and power of Playback.

Posting guidelines:  The FB group is public, so anyone interested in Playback can join and view posts.  If you want to announce your Playback group or organization’s upcoming or past events, please join PNA as a group or company member.  If you join PNA as an Individual member, you are welcome to make posts about your personal Playback questions or reflections (but not your group’s).

Please help grow this resource.  If you are a frequent Facebook user, we would love your help to make this Facebook group a place of more robust exchange.  Contact: