PNA management team

Amber welcomes new PNA member

Christopher Ellinger, project director
Cat Gilliam, assistant director
Amber Espar, communications
Tonia Pinheiro, bookkeeper
Anne Ellinger, writer

Board of directors

Maureen Scully, president
Tonia Pinheiro, treasurer
Max Roberts-Zirker (secretary)
Amy Tai
Dr. Kumkum Malik
Jeff Perrott
Priscilla Sanville
Phillip Speiser


Ash Straw, Big Apple Playback Theatre (NY, NY)
Dana Rungay, Red Threads of Peace (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
Deb Scott, Asheville Playback (Asheville, NC)
Elisa Hollenberg, Truly Connecting PBT practice group (Toronto, ON)
Eva Vander Giessen, San Francisco Playback Theatre (SF, CA)
Gerry Orkin, Wollongong Playback Theatre (Wollongong Australia)
Leslie Becknell Marx, Playback player and conductor in search, leadership trainer (Portland, OR)
Marcela Descalzi, Houston Playback Theatre (Houston, TX)
Peter Abrams, Vancouver Playback Theatre (Vancouver, BC)
Tina Chapman, Diversity Theatre Project (Rochester, NY)
Zhaleh Almaee Weinblatt, Poetic Justice Theatre Ensemble (Port Townsend, WA)

Note: If you’re a current member of PNA and might like to be an advisor, please let us know.