An Audience Guide

Engage your audience members after performances

They come to you with many questions… “How do you DO that?” “Are all your shows like this?” Why not help them out with this little guide? It offers insights on…

– How to be a stellar audience member
– How Playback Theatre is done
– Playback Theatre’s origins and worldwide activity
– The value of learning Playback Theatre
– How audience members can support their local troupe

What a treat to read!  I gleaned a lot of information about the uses of Playback,
and found language for experiences I hadn’t been able to capture in words. 
-Naomi Roswell (new audience member)

Really great guide! So readable and detailed. I learned things I didn’t know.
Priscilla Sanville (audience member who has seen many shows)

Available as a free download for all PNA company members (and for International Company Friends of PNA).

Paperback copies available to members at the prices below (which include U.S. shipping costs).  Printed booklet is 6 inches by 9 inches.
You may re-sell the books to audience members at whatever price you choose.
5-10 copies: $5 per book, 11-30 copies: $4 per book, 31+ copies: $3 per book