A 3-class series

Tuesdays, 7-8:30 pm ET
Nov. 5, 12, and 19, 2024, 

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Sliding scale: $30-90.  Sign up if you can attend at least two of sessions. No one turned away for lack of funds. All proceeds support PNA’s basic expenses. 

Embodied Empathy (E2) is a set of playful and physical practices derived from Playback Theatre and other improv forms. No theatre experience is needed. Practicing E2 can hone your listening skills, deepen your relationships, and bring moments of joyful creativity into your life. Read more about Embodied Empathy here.

Over these three weeks, you will:

  • Learn some basic Embodied Empathy practices
  • Decide how you want to try them in your life or professional work
  • Report week-to-week on your E2 successes and challenges
  • Receive personal coaching about using E2 so you better achieve your goals

Before the first class, please download and browse this  Embodied Empathy guide.  By the time the class ends, we aim for you to have the confidence and clarity to bring moments of Embodied Empathy into your life.  

You might find Embodied Empathy especially useful:

If you are a communications teacher, group facilitator, coach, expressive therapist, improviser, or a Playback Theatre practitioner who wants to share the essence of Playback in offstage settings, or if you are simply a human who wants some new creative ways to get along better with your fellow humans.  

Facilitated by Cat Gilliam



I have loved performing and teaching Playback Theater for over 30 years, and appreciate how Embodied Empathy lets people bring the core skills into their daily lives.   I am a long-time trainer of Nonviolent Communication, and currently live high in the mountains in  New Mexico (US).