6 Mondays, 11:30am- 1pm ET, April 15-May 20
6 Wednesdays, 5:30-7pm ET, April 24-May 29

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Open to beginning, intermediate and advanced conductors. 

$75-300 sliding scale.  **Sign up for the second series at no extra charge!
No one will be turned away due to lack of funds.
100% of these class funds go to support PNA’s operating costs.
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This conducting series will give you a chance to explore & practice areas that lead to more meaningful Playback performances for the audience:

    • How to identify and name the bigger social as well as personal themes.
    • How to focus on what is especially powerful for everyone–not just details the teller is caught up in.
    • Explore types of themes for shows and prompts for tellers that help the material shared be rich & deep.

Whether you’re a highly experienced conductor or fairly new, you can benefit from practicing these skills.

Facilitator: Christopher Ellinger

Two of my favorite activities are conducting Playback shows and teaching other Playback conductors. I have performed in over 700 shows with the Boston-based company True Story Theater, mostly as a conductor, covering a wide range of social impact topics (for instance, on diversity, equity and inclusion issues in partnership with our town, and on the climate crisis in partnership with local environmental groups. (See this page for more). I have led or co-led workshops and exchanges with about 30 different new and experienced Playback companies in the US, Canada and other countries around the world.