Current members: make a website account!

Thank you for coming to this page to create a PNA website account. By making a website account, you will maintain access to all PNA resources for the remainder of your existing membership (good through the end of 2023).

Please use the section below to begin setting up your account. 

What kind of PNA member are you?

To create your website account for your individual membership, fill out your information on this registration page.

To create your website account for your company membership, you need to complete 2 important steps:

  1. Create your company account.
    To do this, provide your information on this registration page.

  2. Invite the members of your group to create their own accounts. 
    Please do not skip this step! Once you create your account, you will receive a URL (web link) that you should send to every member of your group so that they can create their own individual accounts. Their accounts will cost $0 and be linked to your company account. For your ease, here is a draft email that you can copy and send to your group members — just make sure to add your URL (weblink) before you send. 

If you need any assistance, please contact

We are so glad that you want to set up your account! Because PNA group memberships are set up by group leaders, you will need your group leader to take the first step. Please do the following: 

  1. Remind your group leader that they need to set up your group’s website account.
  2. Send them to this page by copy and pasting the link:
  3. Once they set up your group’s account, they will send you a link so that you can create your individual account.**
**the reason you will set up your account this way is so that your group leader manages the payment and renewal of your membership.