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Coffee Hour: one-on-one networking

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November 4, 2022 @ 12:00 pm 1:00 pm EDT


First Friday of every month.
Drop ins welcome.
If you would like to facilitate any of these coffee hours, contact anne.ellinger@gmail.com.

Please come! This coffee hour is for you especially if you are new to Playback, or new to PNA, or feeling shy, or simply if you prefer connecting with people individually instead of in a group,

After brief hellos, you will join a breakout room with one other Playbacker, and have 10-15 minutes to talk together about whatever you like: your Playback practices, your lives at home, the state of the world… We’ll return to the main room, and then have time for one or two more breakouts paired with different people.

Please invite other Playbackers you would like to get to know! Intrigued by someone you meet at a PNA group program? Encourage them to attend the next coffee hour.

Coffee is not required, but you are welcome to bring something you would enjoy eating or drinking.

Hosted by: Anne Ellinger

Hmmm… a few snapshots about me. I’m a 66 year old white cis-woman, secular Jewish, writer, organizer, listener, mom, long-time Playbacker, bi-sexual and happily married to a man I’ve been with since I was 24. I’ve lived for 40 years next to a small lake in a suburb of Boston. One of my many joys is picking and arranging flowers and giving the bouquets away. Photo is of me at about 16. I grew up in Honolulu.