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Understanding JABSS in Playback and in Life.

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March 10, 2022 @ 6:00 pm 7:30 pm EST

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How do JABSS – Judgments, Assumptions, Beliefs, Spells and Secrets – affect troupe culture and cohesion, and contribute to interpersonal conflicts and misunderstandings? JABSS are mental tools that are constantly present and usually go unnoticed. They feed our fears, influence our perceptions, thinking, decisions, intuition, reactions to and experiences of others, and our choices as troupe leaders, actors or conductors. In this workshop we will explore each element and gain a deeper and clearer understanding of how our own JABSS – turned inward or outward – operate and influence our feelings and choices. The practice of this understanding can reduce conflict, make us more empathetic listeners, help us to ask more insightful questions, and become more open to and accepting of ourselves and what our fellow troupe mates (and others in our lives) have to say and offer.

Tonia Pinheiro (she/her/hers) True Story Theater

Tonia Pinheiro [tone-ya peen-yay-row] has been an ensemble member of True Story Theater since 2003. She is a co-facilitator and co-developer of True Story’s Active Bystander and other Cultural Skills workshops. She is also the founder and director of Wake Up! Works, an organization she created in 2003 whose mission is to help shift humanity’s operating paradigm from fear to Love. Tonia has developed and led hundreds of immersive ceremonies, sound and energy healing, and self-awareness experiences. She has coached and worked with groups and individuals who struggle with diverse or conflicting values, beliefs, aspirations, identities and roles, as private clients and in Active Bystander and Identity workshops and BIPOC affinity groups. She has presented well-received workshops at International Playback Theatre and other conferences. Tonia is a multi-racial female who lives on Mohican land in the Berkshire Mountains of western MA. You can learn more about her work at www.wakeupworks.org.

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