Are you a kindred spirit?

Where does your own work or arts practice fit on the circle map above?

If your practice involves at least three of the elements, we would like to connect with you!  Especially if you are part of a networks or organization that brings together people doing that type of practice, and you think Playback practitioners could benefit from knowing about it.   We also invite you to explore below the gifts of Playback Theatre and Embodied Empathy, and consider whether they could benefit others in your network or profession. 
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How might Playback Theatre and/or Embodied Empathy benefit you? 

Improvisers:  Add deep meaning into the fun you have with improv.  Accessible for beginners.
Healers:  Integrate creative, embodied deep listening into your work with individuals, groups and communities.
Activists: Address social issues in engaging and creative ways–applicable for all issues.
Everyone: Enrich your relationships, work, and daily life with creativity and connection.

Curious about Playback Theatre?

Playback Theatre is a world-wide improvisational performance art, originating in the U.S. in 1975.  It is mostly practiced by experienced, ongoing Playback companies.

The rewards of Playback are deep for the performers, the story-sharers, and audience members who witness the artistic exchange.

Drawn to learn more?  See videos and check out classes offered in person and online by 16 Schools of Playback Theatre around the world,

Curious about Embodied Empathy?

Embodied Empathy  (E2), derived from Playback Theatre and other improv forms, refers to easy-to-learn, full-bodied listening and story-sharing practices that can be quickly learned and brought into daily life.

People practice E2 to enrich their lives at work and at home with creativity, fun and connection.

Drawn to learn more?  Attend an “Embodied Empathy drop-in practice group” and download PNA’s Embodied Empathy guide.

Connecting kindred spirits

PNA uplifts the work of networks and organizations, regional and global,
that use applied theatre, improvisation and arts to spread hope and healing in times of crisis.
Let us know of more groups to add.