Individual support for creating a practice group

Once a month for three months

Receive help from an experienced Playback group leader.  

Scheduled at your mutual convenience.

$30-$90 for the series 

Do you wish for Playback or Embodied Empathy to be in your life in an easy, ongoing way – and there’s no group near you to join?   Consider starting your own informal practice group.  .  

This program of individual support is available to you if:

  • You have taken PNA’s “Keep Playing with Playback” or “Applying Embodied Empathy” series–or have had at least 4 hours of introduction to Playback skills some other way;
  • You also have experience as a small group leader (e.g., teacher, facilitator, organizer);
  • And you have recruited at least one other person – a “buddy”– to build a practice group with you.  They are welcome to join your support sessions at no extra charge. 

Intrigued?  Please email  Briefly tell us:

  • A little about your experience with Playback or Embodied Empathy
  • Your experience leading groups. 
  • What kind of practice or performance group you hope to start or have started
  • If your “buddy” wants to attend, too, share a little about them

Let us know the best way to contact you, and we’ll get back to you within a few days.  So glad you’re interested!