Your input invited

to the initial design of a one-day performance festival 

(original photo by Matthias Rosenkranz, creative commons license)

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Invitation to give input

PNA is seriously exploring hosting a day-long public Performance Festival.  Please read the following design ideas and then fill out the form.  Once the event is a go you’ll certainly be invited to come!  Thanks so much!

Overall plan

The ideas below were recently revised based on several conversations and planning sessions –so don’t be confused if you saw an earlier version.  After much honest reflection about how much organizing we in PNA realistically could manage, we scaled down the vision of next PNA Festival program to these (hopefully) modest goals:

Who is invited to the Festival

The Festival on Saturday will be open to all Playback practitioners, local Playback students, expressive therapy students and faculty, and a few other key potential stakeholders.  Limited to 180 participants.

 Initial program and schedule ideas:

Friday morning and afternoon
Presenters and performers connect and prepare.
Mutual support and strategy sessions.

Saturday all day
* 5  up-to-10 minute TedX-style talks about applications of Playback (including slides or video)
* 3 companies performing, featuring different applications and approaches to Playback Theatre
* 30-min facilitated discussions after each performance

Sunday morning
Presenters and performers connect for next steps, including offers for mutual support and collaboration.  Farewells.

Other ideas