Benefits of membership

Houston Playback Theatre


  • Grow your artistic skills:  Sign up for one of PNA’s affordable skills training series (e.g., “The Art of Empathy” for conductors, and “Trauma and Playback” for actors).  Learn from attending other troupe’s online performances. 
  • Strengthen your company:  Join the winter book group that is learning together about company development and business issues.  Meet other company founders, directors and business managers.
  • Step out of isolation:  Join or form a PNA affinity groups to meet others who share an important identity (e.g., elders, Canadians, BIPOC).  Attend one of PNA’s monthly “coffee hour” networking events. 
  • Give and receive support:  Bring your Playback challenges to the drop-in peer clinic.  Sign up to receive individual coaching  from experienced Playback teachers for questions about performing, company development, business management and more.   Get to know other practitioners and exchange experience and wisdom.
  • Publicize your company’s shows and workshops:  As a PNA member, your company’s events can be included in PNA’s e-newsletter and website, and you can post them on PNA’s members-only Facebook page.
  • Get inspired and energized:  When you join PNA, you become a member of the International Playback Theater Network (IPTN) at no extra charge.  IPTN offers many online programs, including a monthly presentation on “Playback Around the World.”  Be inspired by Playback’s power.
  • Artistic skills series:  one for conductors, one for actors
  • Book groups:  Artistic Toolkit (fall); Company and Business Toolkit (winter)
  • Drop-in events:  Peer Clinic, Monthly one-on-one coffee hour (mini-visits), 
  • Playback Around the World: monthly presentation on Playback’s social impact
  • Affinity groups: meet in areas of shared identity and interest
  • Individual Coaching:  six experienced practitioners to choose from 
  • Publications: Deep discounts on electronic and print versions of several “how-to” guides, including a new guide for audience members, “Behind the Magic of Playback Theater.”
  • Membership in the International Playback Theatre Network

Types of membership

  • Companies ($150 for two years):  All members of the company receive the benefits above. Recommended if you’re part of an established company or are starting one.
  • Individuals ($100 for two years): Receive the benefits listed above.  If desired, you can upgrade to a company membership later, to share benefits with troupe members.
  • International friends ($25-$65 for two years) for Playbackers who live outside of the U.S. and Canada.  Your membership Includes all benefits except for IPTN membership.

If these rates are a barrier, use our “pay-what-you-can” rate.  Please don’t let money keep you from joining.

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