Benefits of membership

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  Receive free downloadable versions plus dramatic discounts on print copies:

A Playback Theatre Tookit : through the lens of one company’s perspective (2016)

A guide for curious audience members (2019)

A guide to teaching Playback Theatre (2020)

See the PNA website for details.

  • Teleconferences: Join as many PNA’s monthly calls as you wish on a variety of artistic and company topics.  Get to know other practitioners and exchange experience and wisdom.
  • Coaching:  Individual and group coaching available for leaders developing new Playback companies, for people taking on the business management aspects of Playback companies, 
  • Personal help: We can assist you in connecting to other practitioners when you travel, and advise on specific performance or company development questions.  
  • IPTN benefits: When you join PNA, you become a member of the International Playback Theater Network (IPTN) at no extra charge.  You will receive an email link to each new issue of IPTN’s journal articles with thoughtful articles from around the world, plus discounts to IPTN gatherings.

Prices (for 2 year membership)

  • Companies ($150):  All members of the company receive access to downloads of all the publications, plus the other benefits above.  This membership is recommended for you if you’re part of an established company–or starting one.
  • Individuals ($100): Receive the benefits listed above.  If desired, you can upgrade to a company membership later, to share benefits with troupe members.  Note: If you wish to join IPTN’s “Practitioner” level membership instead, do this through IPTN’s website.

Please contact us if you’d like to discuss  a “pay-what-you-can” rate.”

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