Keep Playing with Playback:  A workshop series for beginners

Three Tuesdays, Oct. 1, 8, and 15, 2024
noon-1:30pm ET
$30-90 for the series
Registration link: coming soon

Looking for a way to keep enjoying Playback in your life?  This class series will get you started.  

Over the three, 90-minute sessions, you will:

  • Understand more how Playback Theatre works
  • Get to play and connect with others
  • Listen deeply and be deeply heard 
  • Discover whether there are Playback groups near you
  • Explore ways to bring Playback into your life 
  • Take your next steps

If you enjoyed the Introduction to Playback Theatre, this is an easy, fun way to explore Playback in your life. 
Important:  Please read the session details below before registering.

Facilitated by Tonya Quillen

I am a long-time psychodramatist, Playback Theatre performer, 
co-founder of Living Mirror Playback in Tampa, Florida (US).
I love teaching and helping new people discover the magic of Playback Theatre.




Details about this series

What basic Playback Theatre skills will the series introduce me to?

  • The five Playback roles:  actor, conductor, teller, musician, and witnesses
  • Three Playback “forms” you can use to reflect back stories 
  • Skills involved with interviewing the “teller” (the person who shares a moment from their lives).
  • Listening and story-shaping skills

Will there be assignments between sessions?

  • Yes, between each session (and before the first one) you will have a few pages to read, a video or two to watch, and some reflection questions to answer or steps to take, to bring Playback into your life. 
  • Please sign up for the series if you can spend  30+ minutes each week on these assignments.


What  “next steps” will the series help me consider?

  • Starting your own informal practice group.  
  • Attending Playback performances, in person or online.
  • Take in-person classes at a Playback School.
  • Taking online classes through PNA and elsewhere.
  • Learning about Playback through books and videos.
  • Learning Embodied Empathy, an informal version of Playback you can bring into daily life.

If I want to start a practice group, what support will this series give me? 

  • Help thinking through what kind of group you want (e.g., # sessions, frequency, location, purpose, kind of participants)
  • Ideas for whom to invite and how to start inviting
  • Sample agendas
  • Accountability and support to get started
  • If one or two people are helping you start your group, they are welcome to join the series at no extra cost.

Will starting a practice group help me start a Playback performance troupe?

  • Starting an informal practice group can be a good first step towards creating a Playback performance troupe. After your group has practiced for some months, a few of its members may wish for the greater intensity and purpose of a performing group.
  • Before launching a performing group, we recommend at least two members of an informal group get more training (e.g., take the Core Training from a Playback School) and find an experienced mentor for the first year or two.


NOTE: If you wish to start a performing Playback company and have already taken the Core Training (or an equivalent experience), and you are confident about leading and organizing groups, we recommend you sign up for the individual support sessions rather than this “Playing with Playback” series.