Request free download of a short guide to doing Playback Theatre online

We’re glad you’re interested in doing Playback Theatre online.  During this pandemic, the world still so needs the deep connections Playback can build.

Click here to fill out a quick survey.  Once you submit the survey, you will receive a link to download PNA’s 19-page guide for free.  See the Table of Contents below.  (If you don’t get the link in an email within a few minutes, please let us know, so we can email it to you.)

After we update the guide next, we’ll let you know–and we may ask for additional lessons from your experience that might benefit the Playback community.  Please also contact us if your troupe is performing and would like to be included in the performance series.

We hope you will share what you are learning in the Zooming Playback group on Facebook. Many of us in PNA and globally are glad to personally assist troupes in their new online efforts.  Please ask for support if you want it.

If you are in the U.S. or Canada and not yet a member of Playback North America, or if you want to be an international friend of PNA, we hope you will take a look at the benefits and join, as an individual or company.  Check out PNA’s other guides (Playback toolkit, teaching guide, and audience guide) as well as translations on the PNA Publications page.

Wow wow wow!!!!!!  Fantastic work! -Martin Holtz, Bay Area Playback Theatre

PNA is doing exemplary work for the PB community during this exceptional situation. The guide is thorough, with lots of good, technical advice to start exploring your own way of doing Playback Theatre online.-Jori Pitkänen, President of the International Playback Theatre Network (2020)


Different uses of Playback online Performances Rehearsals Playback workshops and classes Demonstrating Playback for potential clients Weaving Playback into other meetings

Offering Playback in these times

  • Poll your troupe members
  • Reach out to groups that already know and love your work
  • Be creative with your formats
  • Playing back stories about the pandemic

General suggestions for online Playback

  • Key pointers Setting up your video conferencing
  • Planning and facilitating
  • For “hosts” — running the controls
  • For conductors
  • For performers
  • For musicians

Modifying Playback forms for online

  • Host instructions Openings
  • Short forms
  • Brief story forms
  • Fuller story forms
  • Closings Audience participation