Playback North America Welcomes You to Playback in Community: Reaching Toward the Futures We Want. Conference & Performance Festival

Sunday, March 06 – 

Saturday, March 19 2022 

Conference in Progress!

This online Playback North America Conference & Performance Festival will include over 20 conference sessions and 8 performances, hosted & performed by PNA members. 

Performance Festival shows are for everyone, whereas Conference sessions are for PNA members only. Wishing you could join a conference session but you aren’t a member? Just add a PNA membership onto your conference ticket! Learn more about PNA here.

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Over 30 Unique Offerings from PNA Members

Tickets & Pricing

Tickets are priced on a sliding scale.

To support financial accessibility to members who have less money and enable PNA to continue offering peer learning opportunities, we encourage you to pay at the highest recommended rate that you can afford — even to donate extra if you’re able to. 

We are also offering PNA members a pay-what-you-can rate for the Conference Pass should a member need to pay below the sliding scale rates. Please do not let cost prohibit you from joining – we are happy to work with you! 

For a registration walkthrough, watch this video. 

If you need help, email


All-Inclusive Access
$ 25-150 Sliding Scale ($75 recommended)
  • Over 20 Conference Sessions
  • 8 Performance Festival Shows
  • PNA Members Only

Performance Festival Pass

See All 8 Shows
$ 35-80 Sliding Scale ($60 recommended)
  • 8 Performance Festival Shows
  • PNA Membership Not Required

Single show Tickets

Choose 1 Show
$ 15-30 Sliding Scale
  • Choose 1 Performance Festival Show
  • 75% of proceeds go to the performing troupe
  • PNA Membership Not Required


  • Moving Mindfulness for BIPOC Folx: Breath, Motion & Embodied Listening
  • March 5, 2-3:30pm ET
  • PNA Membership Not Required

White Identities Pre-Conference

$ 5-250 Sliding scale ($150 recommended)
  • White Affinity Group on Racial Harm: exploration of how to avoid doing it, how to disrupt it, how to take responsibility for it when called on it.
  • March 5 & 6
  • 12-4pm EST

Frequently Asked Questions

For visual help, watch this step-by-step video demonstration.

Conference Pass  or Festival Pass 

  1. Go to the registration page:
  2. Create a Conference account 
  3. Select either a Conference Pass or a Festival Pass. Type the price you would like to pay within the price box.
    • What’s the difference between the passes?
      • A Conference Pass includes Conference Sessions and all 8 Shows. It is for PNA members only. Become a member here. 
      • A Festival Pass includes 8 Shows — no Conference Sessions. PNA Membership not required.
  4. Complete your payment. 
  5. Go to the Conference Calendar to RSVP for specific events.
    • This is how you will get the zoom links to attend each Sessions and Shows.

For visual help, watch this step-by-step video demonstration.

Once you have registered for the conference, you will be able to RSVP for events. To do this, you will go to individual events pages (found on this calendar: and click RSVP. 

After you RSVP, you will receive an email with the zoom link. The zoom link will also appear on the event page itself after you RSVP. 

You can see a list of all of the events you RSVP’d for on this page:

We wholeheartedly welcome you to pay what you can afford!

Simply email and tell them what amount you would like to pay (even $0!). You do not need to give a reason, we will grant you the discount no questions asked.

You will then receive a discount code that will allow you to register at that rate. 

There are so many forms of accessibility to consider — this conference has only been able to proactively accommodate a few. Here, we will name these as well as the gaps in accessibility. 

What we will have: 

  • All sessions will be hosted virtually on zoom. 
  • All sessions will have the live auto-transcription enabled. 
  • The website was built with the intention to have strong enough color contrast (though it could be improved) 
  • Sessions are priced on a sliding scale. 

What we will not have:

  • We will not have live ASL interpretation. 
  • We have not trained facilitators to use simple language, or to ensure that their materials are shared ahead of time and accessibly made. 
  • The conference will be conducted in English. There will not be built-in translation to other languages.

If you have questions about any accessibility concerns, you can reach out to 

It is our intention to further develop our accountability to accessibility. In the mean time, we acknowledge our limitations and regret the impact these missed opportunities may have. 

The most likely reason that you cannot see your emails is because they were sorted into your spam folder or your promotions folder. 

If you cannot find them, you can contact for help. 

You can easily view the list of events that you have RSVP’d on your account page:

After you RSVP

  • the zoom link will appear on the event page (after you refresh)
  • you will also be emailed a confirmation with the zoom link 


If you have any issues, contact or

Many of our community are striving to be in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, and specifically the Ukrainian Playback Community. To this end, we uplift the efforts of the PT Responds: Peace Please Solidarity Playback Festival. One show in our festival is also a part of this solidarity festival — you can find it here. The amount raised will be donated to the Playback school in Ukraine. 

The following is language taken from the Playback Theatre Around the World Group on Facebook. 

Playback Theatre Festival of Solidarity

In times of crisis, the playback community responds with our hearts, our stories, and our actions.
We invite the playbackers of the world to offer their skills and ability to perform the stories of others and support communities in their struggle with war and for peace.
Let’s express our solidarity and support them with playback that connects us. Join us in offering performances in the month of March as part of PT Responds: Playback Theatre Festival of Solidarity.
The aims are to show solidarity with playbackers in conflict areas, and to raise funds to support the Ukrainian Playback Community. Funds will go towards supporting them, their families, and their work.
For an introduction to this project, please go to:…/1x3HhdIzeEvAuDe5tAWf6…/edit…
To register your group’s interest to perform, please go to:
For playbackers who want to form pick-up groups to perform, please comment below and find your buddies.
– Michael Cheng, Marat Mairovich, Anna Smetanova”

Video: How to Register

A Step-by-Step Demonstration of How to buy a conference pass