Why receive coaching?

Starting and running a thriving Playback Theatre group involves an enormous number of complex skills, as does being a strong Playback performer.  Coaching gives you and/or your Playback company some personalized, knowledgeable support to better achieve your Playback goals, whatever they may be.

All PNA coaches offer an initial free consultation, to explore what could be most helpful to you and your company. 

What different types of coaching could I receive?

Coaching can be one-time, multi-session, or ongoing.  It can be in person or online.  You and your chosen coach would talk together to decide what  format best fits your goals and budget. 
This coaching interest survey shows some of the many issues coaching addresses.  Types of coaching include:

Advice:  You can raise a question and get suggestions from a coach who has useful experience in that particular area.  This could be around artistic issues (e.g., conducting for a certain type of show), company issues (e.g., making clear job descriptions for leaders or members, addressing an interpersonal conflict among troupe members), or business issues (e.g., how to increase what you charge for shows, how to setup a fundraiser).

Accountability:  An important part of most coaching relationships is setting goals and a date to check back on how you’re moving towards those goals.  It can make a huge difference to have a deadline, and someone to celebrate your success or to help you address what got in the way.

Artistic training:  Coaches can rehearse with your group or watch a performance, and then offer useful feedback and coaching to improve your troupe’s artistry.  This can be done online or in person. 

Who are the coaches?

Coaches are PNA members and experienced Playback performers who offer to play this role. 
You can read about each of them in this folder:  Coaches self-description.  

    • Cat Gilliam 
    • Christopher Ellinger
    • Gio López
    • Jennie Kristel
    • Michael Cheng
    • Mountaine Jonas

What does coaching cost?

Initial consultations are free.  After that, coaching is offered on a sliding scale, generally $25-75 per hour.  You and your coach will talk together to figure out what’s doable for you and your troupe, and what makes sense given the scope of the coaching.  We want it to work for you!   Coaches are donating 50-100% of their fee to help support PNA.  Please note that this rate is far below market rate for training and for personal coaching.

Interested? Here are three ways you could start:

    • Read the coaches’ self-descriptions and contact those who interest you.  All the coaches offer an initial conversation for free, to figure out together whether you are a good fit for each other.

    • Attend one of the monthly “Hot Topics” discussions, held on the 1st Tues. and the 3rd Sat. of each month. You will get to experience one of the coaches, and you could talk with them afterwards about how you might use coaching.

 What if I’m having trouble with a coach? 

PNA is happy to be facilitating connection between PNA members who want support and long-time Playback practitioners with experience to give.  At the same time, please be aware that the coaches are self-selected; it is up to you to determine whether they are helpful and a good match for you. 

Although PNA is not responsible for the quality of the coaching, we do want to hear about your experiences, both positive and negative.  Please give us feedback about your experience, so we can continually improve the program.  Contact coaching coordinator Johnny Olesen at jolesen345@me.com 

Could I be a coach, too?  

Glad you are interested!  Contact Johnny Olesen at jolesen345@me.com