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Living Mirror Playback
Living MIrror Playback

PNA Programs and Resources (2023-2024)

PNA offers a strong lineup of programs and resources, both for Playback Theatre practitioners and for people newly exploring what Playback methods can offer their lives and work.  Join the mailing list to receive PNA’s email newsletter announcing upcoming events.

Look on the website’s top menu bar under “Programs” and “Resources” for details and registrations.  

  • Skills series
    • Weekly classes, “Strengthening your Playback performances on Zoom”.  
    • Monthly Playback Jams, to enjoy Playback with colleagues across the region and globe.
    • Weekly practice group on “Embodied Empathy” — ways to share simplified Playback of the stage.
  • Hot topic explorations:  Restorative Justice and Playback series (Monthly)
  • How-to guides: Deep discounts on electronic and print versions of  “how-to” guides–including the Playback Toolkit, about how to start and run a performance troupe, and Playback for Social Impact.
  • Coaching: Six experienced coaches to choose from for skilled advice about troupe issues, business issues, and artistic development,.
  • Performing on Zoom teaching library: Video clips demonstrating many ways to offer strong Playback experiences on Zoom.
  • Affinity groups:  Canadian Playbackers (monthly).  If you initiate a Playback group of shared identity and interest, PNA will publicize it.  Past affinity groups have included “BIPOC Playbackers” “Musicians” and “Exploring white anti-racist identity.” 
  • Publicity:  Promote your online shows and workshops through PNA’s newsletter and social media. 


Note: To join the International Playback Theatre Network (IPTN), sign up on their website.   IPTN members have full access to the IPTN online journal and other programs and conferences.

  • Free, monthly “Introduction to Playback” sessions–and monthly “Playback Jams” after you have attended an intro.
  • “Embodied Empathy” – a drop-in, weekly practice group and forthcoming written guide, to learn embodied listening skills for enhancing your work and relationships,
  • Behind the Magic of Playback Theatre: a brief written guide explaining Playback basics.
  • Playback videos:  playlists on YouTube with 3-5 minute clips from Playback Theatre shows, in-person and on Zoom.
  • Every month, see how different Playback companies perform on Zoom.  
  • Attend the online Playback Performance Festival,  the last two weekends in April, 2024