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Playback Theatre for social impact
Stories and practical tips from 15 Playback North America troupes

170 pages
Available for participants of the PNA UnConference.
PNA members and international friends get free download in Jan. 2021

A guide to teaching Playback Theatre:
through the lens of one company’s experience

Encouragement and guidance for experienced Playback performers who want to share their love of Playback.

150 pages
Available to PNA company members
for free download

A guide for curious audience members.

Answers many of the common questions new audience members have after seeing a Playback Theatre performance.

50 pages
Available to PNA company members
for free download

A Playback Theatre Toolkit: through the lens of one company’s experience

Guidance on the artistic, company, and business issues of running a Playback Theatre company.



A Playback Theatre Toolkit is available in Spanish and in Swedish; German and Portuguese translations hopefully in 2020.

Playback Theatre books from Tusitala Publishing:

PNA members receive a 10% discount on Playback books from Tusitala, publisher of Playback Theatre books since 1994.  Books include Improvising Real Life by Jo Salas, Jonathan Fox’s memoir Beyond Theatre, and Zoomy Zoomya collection of interactive games and warmups by Hannah Fox.

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