Tuesday evenings, 7-8:30pm ET

Sept. 19th, Oct. 24th, Nov. 21st, Jan. 9th

Suggested donation: $10-$60 for the series

Are you passionate about personal and/or societal healing? If so, we invite you to explore the relationship between two world-wide practices for community healing: Restorative Justice and Playback Theatre.

Please join this unique series to be stimulated, inspired and increase your effectiveness as an agent of healing. Open to all, some Playback Theatre experience is helpful.

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What is Restorative Justice?

Restorative Justice (RJ) is a set of community practices and principals, derived from indigenous practices, that is being used more and more across the US and the world to address harm and create healing in communities, schools and criminal legal systems. Playback Theatre shares many values with Restorative Justice, and Playback performance can be used in support of personal and social healing.


  • September 19 – Overview: Using a Restorative Circle process and a bit of Playback, we will introduce Restorative Justice (RJ) principles and practices and how they intersect with Playback Theatre.
  • October 24 – Restorative Justice informing Playback Theatre: Through Playback and discussion, we will explore (a) situations and stories we’ve encountered during Playback events where applying Restorative Principles could have been helpful and (b) how RJ perspectives could help Playback troupes serve their communities.
  • November 21 – Playback Theatre informing Restorative Justice: Through Playback and discussion, we will look at ways Playback tools and forms could enhance RJ facilitation work, and how to make this happen.
  • January 9 – Next steps: Using a Restorative Circle process, we will discern what’s next for our personal and Playback practices and set some goals and next steps.

Important note:
 Please contact the facilitators if you would like to attend but can’t make all four sessions.

More info:

Suggested donation: $10-$60 for the series. To pay an amount that’s different from what’s listed, simply contact info [at] playbacknorthamerica.com and we will help you register. All PNA events are available at a “pay what you can” rate.

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About the facilitators:
Chris Fitz (River Crossing Playback) and Deborah Zavos both work in the Restorative Justice field and have extensive experience with Playback Theatre.

Contact: chris [at] rivercrossingplayback.org or dhzavos [at] gmail.com