A guide to teaching Playback Theatre

Offers useful tools to new & experienced teachers:

* Warmups, skill exercises, and Playback forms
* Materials for introductory workshops and weekend intensives
* Agendas for beginning, intermediate and advanced class series
* Suggestions about props and music
* Marketing strategies and sample materials
* Handouts to give to continuing students

Available to PNA company members as a free download or discounted paperback edition


This guide is fantastic! You outline useful ways to design trainings and leave practically no stone unturned.  Your encouraging, wise tone helps the reader feel at ease. After over 30 years of doing Playback, launching many companies, I believe this guide is an important contribution to the growth and development of Playback.

-Armand Volkas, MFT, RDT/BCT, Director, Living Arts Playback Theatre Ensemble, Oakland, California

“A guide to teaching Playback Theatre” is a wonderfully well-thought-out book that will help practitioners at different stages reflect and learn.  If you teach or want to teach Playback Theatre, it definitely is worth reading.
-Jori Pitkänen, President of the International Playback Theatre Network (2019)

I’m amazed that a practical guide to organizing and teaching PBT has not been written before.  I am reminded how complicated PBT can be, yet how deeply satisfying it is to pass on the love of Playback to those who want to learn it.
-Deborah Scott, Asheville Playback Theatre, Ashville, North Carolina