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Supporting Playback companies to be successful
January 30, 2019, 8-9:15pm (eastern time)
What elements go into making a successful and resilient Playback company?
What have companies learned to make themselves stronger over time?
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Christopher Ellinger, director of True Story Theater, Arlington MA

Learning about the IPTN conference in Bengaleru, India
February 7, 2019, 8-9pm (eastern time)
What would you like to learn about the international conference December 4-8, 2019?
Presenter: Rajesh P I from the host committee will share what is planned so far and be available to answer your questions.
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The heart of a story…what is it and how do we listen for it?
March 21, 2019, 8-9pm (eastern time)
What is most important for the conductor…and the performers to listen to?  How do we reach past the details into what is most meaningful…both for the teller and for audience members?  On this call we will explore different ideas about this as well as share strategies for how we listen.
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Teaching Playback
Wed. April 24, 2019, 8-9pm (eastern time)
It can be very rewarding to teach elements of Playback to people who are unlikely to ever join a Playback company. Open to anyone who has taught or might consider it. We’ll share what contexts have been satisfying for introducing Playback, things we’ve learned about teaching Playback effectively to non-actors, and simple ways to get started.
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Conductors’ Peer Clinic
Tues. May 21, 2019, 8-9pm (eastern time)
Bring a question or issue you have as a conductor, or just come to support others. This call is just for conductors. All levels of experience welcome.
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Bringing social forces into enactments
Wed. June 19, 2019, 8-9pm (eastern time)
What are different ways to show social forces in Playback within different forms?
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Checking back with the teller
Thurs. Aug. 1, 2019, 8-9pm (eastern time)
After a Playback enactment, what can we do to enable the teller (and audience members) feel more fully heard and come to good closure–especially when the teller is not satisfied–or you suspect they are not…
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Ethics of Identity in Playback Conducting
Thurs. October 17, 2019, 8-9:15pm (eastern time)
We will delve into questions such as:
* How do elements of the conductor’s personal visible identities effect which communities share their stories (or don’t share)?
* What elements of a conductor’s identities make them more or less effective with particular audiences?
* What are the ethical questions around representation in particular communities?
* What is your company doing to address ethical issues around conducting?
Co-facilitated by members of Big Apple Playback, New York
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2018 Teleconferences:

Playback after traumatic community events
Thursday January 18, 2018, 8-9:15pm (eastern time)
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Guest presenters: Susan Evans and William Layman, co-founders of the Firestorm Players; Ramiro Salas, Houston Playback Theatre; and Anne-Liese Fox, NOLA Playback Theatre

Peer Clinic on Starting (or re-starting) a Playback Company
Thursday February 15, 2018, 8-9:15pm (eastern time)
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Conductors’ Clinic exchange among new and experienced conductors
NEW DATE: Wednesday, March 14, 2018, 8-9:15pm (eastern time)
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Moderator: Christopher Ellinger, True Story Theater

Making rehearsals satisfying and productive: what have we learned?
Wednesday April 4, 2018, 8:30pm-9:45pm (eastern time)
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Moderator: Amber Espar, True Story Theater

Playback Theatre in Cuba
Wednesday April 25, 2018, 8-9:15pm (eastern time)
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Presenters: Susan Metz (Brookline, NY) and Deb Scott (Asheville, NC)

Musicians’ Clinic: support for less experienced Playback musicians
Tuesday May 8, 2018, 8-9:15pm (eastern time)
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Moderator: Tonia Pinheiro, True Story Theater

Queer Playback
for queer people doing Playback, and their allies.
Thursday June 7, 2018, 8-9:15pm (eastern time)
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Presenter: Mountaine Jonas,  Longtime Queer Playback activist
Let’s brainstorm queer playback. How can LGBTQ+ playbackers help to educate our playback allies on sensitivity to queer issues? What special skills may be needed, if any, to honor our stories? How can we be honest about our sexual identities, with playbackers as well as audiences, while acknowledging our common humanity with all people? How can we be pro-active in finding queer audiences that will benefit from playback?

Spreading core qualities of Playback via the practice of “embodied empathy”
Tues. September 25, 2018, 8-9:15pm (eastern time)
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Presenters: Christopher Ellinger, True Story Theater and David Jan Jurasek, Inspired Playback Theatre
So few people have the time, energy, and skill to start or to even to join a Playback company.  Yet so many people could get joy and satisfaction from practicing a core element of Playback: creative, embodied empathy.  Learn from others’ experience looking to make Playback skills accessible and integrated into daily life and work.  What have you done along these lines, and/or what might you like to try?

Playback Theatre interwoven with other modalities
Wed. October 17, 2018, 8-9:15pm (eastern time)
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Presenter: Nisha Sajnani, Director of the Drama Therapy Program at the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development, New York University
How can Playback be complemented or strengthened by other modalities of drama therapy or improvisation?  Learn from Nisha’s experience and questions and offer our own.

Healing History’s Wounds:
Transforming Intercultural Conflict and Generational Trauma through Playback
Wed. November 28, 2018, 8-9:15pm (eastern time)
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Armand Volkas, director of Living Arts Playback, Oakland, CA
Virginia Murphy, director of Playback Memphis, Memphis, TN

How can Playback be used to help address deep social wounds that go back over generations? What are cautions and tips about how to do sensitive work like this from two Playback leaders who have substantial experience?