A Playback Theatre Toolkit

A Reference Guide With 100+ Handouts

A Playback Theatre Toolkit: through the lens of one company’s experience can help you if you:

- are looking to start a Playback group or company

- want to strengthen an existing Playback group

- seek to address challenges related to artistic, business, and company development

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Part 1:  Artistic development: Playback Theatre structures and skills, issues that arise in performance, and more

Part 2: Business development: Money agreements, fundraising, getting paid clients, and more

Part 3: Company development: Finding new company members, getting along as a troupe, leadership roles, and more

Part 4: Context: Ethics, impact of Playback, benefits for the practitioner, visions, and more 

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A Playback Theatre Toolkit (300 pages)
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“I don’t have to reinvent the wheel!  I’m smiling with excitement and sighing with relief, reading the Toolkit.
Our Playback troupe has quickly benefitted from this comprehensive gift to the Playback community.”
-Tonya Quillen, Creative Director, Living Mirror Playback (Tampa, FL)

“A practical guide to PT performance and practice, put together with care.”
-Jonathan Fox, co-founder of Playback Theatre

“Every page is a gold mine of Playback tips, insights and skills!  I’m encouraging our whole troupe to study it.”
-Dana Rungay, Director, Red Threads of Peace, (Winnipeg, MB)

“This major piece of work will be welcomed and used by many Playback practitioners and learners.”
-Jo Salas, co-founder of Playback Theatre, Hudson River Playback Theatre (New Paltz, NY)

Holy smokes–what an incredible piece of work!  An awesome, needed resource.
-Virginia Murphy, Playback Memphis (Memphis, TN)