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PB Toolkit


Are you looking to start a Playback group or company?
Want to strengthen an existing Playback group—-beginner, intermediate or experienced?
Need to address challenges related to artistic, business, and company development?

This guide can help.  It is offered as a benefit of PNA membership.


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A Playback Theatre Toolkit: through the lens of one company’s experience

The complete company edition includes all the sections below.
The artistic edition includes Parts 1 and 4.

Part 1:  Artistic development
Playback Theatre structures and skills, issues that arise in performance, and more

Part 2: Business development
Money agreements, fundraising, getting paid clients, and more

Part 3: Company development
Finding new company members, getting along as a troupe, leadership roles, and more

Part 4: Context
Ethics, impact of Playback, benefits for the practitioner, visions, and more

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Please get in-person training

The Toolkit was intended as a reference guide to accompany  in-person training. See the upcoming Centre for Playback Theatre’s trainings, articles about Playback, as well as the list of affiliated Playback schools. Also feel free to contact us for referrals to practitioners in your region.

Share your own knowledge

Every Playback group is unique, with it’s own personality, artistic vision, and environment. There is no one “right way” to do Playback or to run a group, so please read everything in the toolkit with that understanding. We hope you will add your own expertise via PNA’s Facebook page or contact us with ideas for future editions to the Toolkit.