Saturday Oct 14 + 21,  1-2:30pm ET 

Are you or your Playback company interested in continuing to perform on Zoom – either exclusively, or in addition to in-person performances? If yes, come practice ways to make online Playback more powerful and artistically satisfying. Improve your skills and meet other performers intrigued by the possibilities of Playback on Zoom. 

Suggested price: $15-30 per session ($45-90 for a series of three).
To pay an amount that’s different from what’s listed, simply contact and we will help you register. All PNA events are available at a “pay what you can” rate.

Might you like to teach a session?  If you’ve done Playback for 5+ years, have performed in 6+ Zoom shows, and have experience teaching Playback, please consider leading a session to share what you’ve learned.
Contact Anne [at] PlaybackNorthAmerica [dot] com to explore what you might offer.

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Acting #1:  Making realistic scenes more dynamic (Sat. Oct. 14, 1-2:30pm ET)

Do you feel awkward doing online scenes?  In this workshop, you will practice making scenes that are brief, impactful, and that deepen the essence of the story.  You will see ways that well-crafted scenes can bring humor and convey powerful emotion, and learn how the characters you portray can use cloth to increase the scene’s impact. 

  Rosey Waters was a member of Boulder Playback Theatre and since 2019 has been director and actor with the international, online troupe Red Thread Playback Theater.  For 34 years, she was artistic director of a professional theatre company.
Currently, she uses role playing to teach crisis intervention communication skills to police officers, and shows educators ways to integrate theatre into their teaching of any subject. 



Acting #2:  Bringing energy to the screen (Sat. Oct. 21, 1-2:30pm ET) 

Let’s bring greater energy to the 2-dimensional screen by making more dynamic offers.  We’ll practice ways to amplify our physical and vocal energy while staying authentic, and ways to slow down and speed up our pacing.  We’ll also play with using the cinematic gifts of Zoom, such as close-ups, distance and camera angles.  With sufficient practice, your online Playback shows can be as artistically and emotionally satisfying as in-person performances. 

  Teresa Dias works with families and teens as an expressive therapist in private practice.  She brings to her artistic work many years as a professional circus performer, including six years as a trapeze artist in Germany’s thriving Cabaret scene.  She has performed with True Story Theater (Boston, US) for sixteen years, including on Zoom throughout the pandemic.


CANCELLED: Acting #3:  Creating exciting, interactive scenes (Sat. Oct. 28, 1-2:30pm ET)

Many troupes performing on Zoom primarily do forms that are a series of solos (e.g., fluid sculptures, 3 scenes, tableaus, “answering machines”). Here’s a chance to add lively, interactive scenes to your Zoom performances, creating a richer experience for both audience members and performers. We’ll play with a variety of interactive exercises, looking at different ways to create the illusion of physical closeness and break out of the “Zoom box.” We’ll then apply what we’ve learned to one or more longer story forms.

Jacek Kukluk loves to dance and brings imaginative physicality to his work in Playback theatre. He performed throughout the pandemic on Zoom with True Story Theater (Boston, US). Jacek first discovered joy in performing while reciting Polish literature during his childhood in Poland during turbulent political and economic times. After moving to the US, he trained in public speaking, contact improv dancing and improvisational comedy.

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