Build your fan base

  • Chances are, audience members leave your shows moved and excited.  Especially if this is their first time seeing Playback Theatre, they may be filled with questions about how Playback works and where it came from–but they don’t ask.  Within a few days, the experience has faded and Playback most likely leaves their minds.  
  • This is a missed opportunity!  Help your audience members build their interest in Playback and your troupe by leading them to the free excerpt of “Behind the Magic of Playback Theatre.” Below are easy ways to help audience members grow into fans.

At online shows

  • Toward the end of your show, post in the chat:  “Want to know more about Playback Theatre?  Go to to download a free 11-page guide, Behind the Magic of Playback Theatre.”
  • A day or two after your online shows, send audience members a brief, friendly email that thanks them for attending, invites their feedback, describes your upcoming shows or workshops–and gives them the link to check out the audience guide.

At in-person shows

  • At the close of your shows, encourage your audience members to go to your resource table at the back of the room. 
  • On the resource table, offer information about your troupe and upcoming shows, and include copies of this 1/3 page flyer announcing the guide and how to get it.
  • Later in 2023, you’ll be able to purchase a display copy of the full Audience Guide so audience members can browse it.  Return here for the link.

In your email bulletins and on social media

  • Include simple text like this in all your communications:  “Want to know more about Playback Theatre?  Please check out our guide for curious audience members, available at ”
  • Periodically pull out brief, juicy excerpts from the guide to share along with the link.

Make your troupe’s own version of the guide

  • Contact PNA if this interests you.  We could send you the short- and long- versions of the guide in Word, so you could alter the text and change the photos to be all of your own troupe.  Then you can sell or distribute it as you wish.  We would request a donation to PNA in return.